Practical Information


Any post received during your stay at the clinic will be delivered to you in your room. You can hand in outgoing mail at reception, where you can also buy stamps. If you are unable to leave your room, our nursing staff will be happy to handle your post for you.



Every room has its own television. A direct-dial telephone is also available for your convenience in your room. Any call charges, together with a modest basic fee, are automatically billed to you.


Daily schedule

You will receive a list detailing your appointments for treatment. Your nurse will discuss it with you personally.



We advise you not to bring jewellery or other objects of value with you. The hospital assumes no liability for theft or loss. In order to guarantee absolutely sterile conditions during your operation, no jewellery apart from a wedding ring may be worn.


Newspapers and magazines

You may borrow magazines to read from the selected range available in the lounge.