GLAD® Switzerland back programme

What is the GLAD® Switzerland Back Programme?

Around 80% of adults suffer from back pain one or more times in the course of their lives. The GLAD® Back Programme focuses on patient counseling and exercises to improve self-management.
Patients go through the program 3 - 2 - 12 - 1
3 individual sessions to assess the patient's condition and introduce them to the exercise program
2 group sessions with counseling and instruction to explain the GLAD® Switzerland Back Programme
12 group sessions with exercise program
1 At the last individual session, the success of the programm will be reviewed.

After completing the program, patients have the skills to manage their back pain independently and to cope with their everyday life despite back problems.

Who is the GLAD® Switzerland Back Programme suitable for?

The program is a treatment option for patients with chronic or recurrent lower back pain that interferes with everyday life.

Why should you choose the GLAD® Switzerland Back Programme at Schmerzklinik Basel?

Our physiotherapists are specially trained and certified for the GLAD® Switzerland Back Programme. With us, you will find a personal, appreciative atmosphere. 


How can you participate in the program?

Schmerzklinik Basel will offer the GLAD® Switzerland Back Programme starting in the fall of 2021.
Your doctor can prescribe the GLAD® Switzerland Back Programme for you. Thus, the costs will also be covered by your health or accident insurance.
If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Sofie De Muynck, Head of Physiotherapy:
The offer at Schmerzklinik Basel will be expanded in 2022 and include the GLA:D® Switzerland Ostheoarthritis programme for knee or hip problems.

How long does the GLAD® Back Programme take to complete?

The GLAD® Back Programme takes 12 weeks or three months, in which the patients complete the programme 3 – 2 – 12- 1.

How do I get a referral for the GLAD® Back Programme?

Your doctor prescribes The GLAD® Back Programme. This may be your GP or a specialist doctor that is responsible for treating your musculoskeletal condition, such as an orthopedist. A pain specialist or rheumatologist can also prescribe it.

Is the GLAD® Back Programme covered by health insurance?

If a doctor has prescribed the Programme for you, the costs will be covered by your health or accident insurance. Depending on the insurance provider and policy, patients may be expected to pay an excess.


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