At the service of our patients

Transparency and trust

  • We encourage open discussion in our dealings with everyone as part of our culture. This helps us to establish mutual trust.
  • We regularly discuss our experiences to ensure communication channels are always open.


Team mindset and quality

  • We are open, honest and tolerant with one another.
  • We respect different opinions.
  • Our number one priority is ensuring that our services are reliable and high quality.


Research and teaching

  • As a teaching hospital, we have a huge responsibility towards our junior doctors. We make time to discuss symptoms, disorders and treatments with them.
  • We also take part in external research projects. This makes us part of generating new medical knowledge and advancing diagnostic techniques and treatment in pain medicine.


Openness and sustainability

  • We are open to working with any partners who share the principles behind our vision.
  • We are always interested in introducing innovations at our centre to enable us to offer our patients the best possible pain management.
  • As far as possible, we consider the environment in everything that we do.