Andreas S. Rehmann


Andreas S. Rehmann (*1972) graduated in Economics in Basel and worked for Bâloise Insurance, also in Basel, before moving into sports marketing. As Head of Marketing he played a significant role in building up Sympany Insurance in Basel before moving on to become Head of Marketing and Communication and helping establish a life insurance brand for Swiss Re. After a period in charge of administration and operations for Crossklinik, a private clinic in Basel, he founded his own company and worked on a mandate basis for various firms in the medical and health sector. He has been Director of the Schmerzklinik Basel since 2018.

Mirjam Zaugg-Novali

Operative director

(*1962) graduated from commercial school and went on to become a qualified dental assistant. She subsequently gathered more than 20 years' experience in a wide range of administrative areas with Sanitas and continued to obtain more qualifications. Mirjam Zaugg-Novali has worked with the Schmerzklinik Basel since 2008. She was in charge of patient administration until 2010, when she took over management of commercial services. Since May 2015, Mirjam Zaugg-Novali has been operative director at the Schmerzklinik Basel.

Dr. med. Thomas Blaettner

Medical Director, Member of the Management

(*1957) Dr Thomas Blaettner is a consultant in anaesthesiology and a qualified physiotherapist. He studied at the University of Freiburg (Germany), where apart from his doctorate he also received his specialist training and completed a further training programme in "special pain therapy". Dr Blaettner can also look back on many years of experience in chiropractic therapy and manual medicine. Before joining the Schmerzklinik Basel, he was a senior consultant in anaesthesia and pain therapy at the KSBL in Laufen. It was there that he founded a clinic specializing in conventional multimodal pain management for patients suffering from chronic pain. Dr Blaettner has been Medical Director of the Schmerzklinik Basel since April 2018.

PD Dr.  med. Matthias Seidel

Director of training for assistant doctors and rheumatology,

PD Dr. Matthias Seidel, who grew up in Basel and southern Baden, studied in Italy, Germany and the USA. He participated in scientific studies as a Marie Curie scholarship holder of the European Union in France. In Bonn he established the Department of Internal Rheumatology where he has been working as a senior physician since 2003. The focus of his clinical work is the entire spectrum of inflammatory and degenerative rheumatism. Over and above his work with patients in the Schmerzklinik, he will also continue to carry out scientific research and studies. His main focus is the influence of the nervous system (neurogenic inflammation) on rheumatic diseases, biomarkers and rare rheumatic diseases.

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