Our partners

  • SWISS ORTHO CENTER (www.swissorthocenter.ch), our partner works in the house and is specialized in orthopedics and traumatology.
  • The specialists at Bild-Diagnostik.ch (www.bilddiagnostik.ch), headquartered in Basel, provide further assistance with imaging and carry out medical diagnoses based on the radiological examinations carried out at the Schmerzklinik Basel.
  • Dosim (www.dosim.ch) is a company that operates throughout Switzerland offering cleaning and a full range of facility services. Its specialists carry out professional cleaning of the clinic.
  • H+ Die Spitäler der Schweiz (www.hplus.ch) is a national umbrella association of public and private hospitals, clinics and care institutions.
  • VNS – Vereinigung Nordwestschweizer Spitäler (www.vns-nw.ch) is the regional association for public and private hospitals, clinics and care institutions in northwestern Switzerland.
  • St. Jakobs-Apotheke (http://www.sjapo.ch) is the partner of the Schmerzklinik Basel for the supply of anaesthetics and medicament control.